In discussions with the Customer teams, MMAD understands the importance of scaling up resources to sync with Customer’s client projects & requirements.

MMAD proposes to invest in its relationship with Customer with the aim of maintaining a pool of resources, with an appropriate skill-mix, subject matter expertise & knowledge of the product platforms, to enable Customer and to be able to commit the start of new engagements with team sizes of 5-10 resources for its clients, within 7 business days of notice to MMAD.

MMAD would incorporate such metrics as part of its SLA with Customer. By virtue of its reputation as a specialist product engineering services provider out of India, MMAD attracts and retains premier engineering talent in India enabling us to meet our ramp-up SLAs with our Enterprise Software Clients.

Most of our engagements have involved long-term multi-location offshore development engagements.

MMAD has a strong understanding of factors that make global project execution a success – Effective Governance Model (Communication, Project visibility, continual monitoring), effective project management, flexible team size (variable ramp up and ramp down situations), effective knowledge management along with the competencies in Technology and Domain expertise.

MMAD will have a Program Manager and/or an Onsite Coordinator, stationed in Customer’s office who will serve as a one-point contact between Customer and the MMAD offshore team. The Program Manager will ensure the translation of Customer’s vision into execution and be responsible for governance. This arrangement ensures smooth working of the onsite / offshore model, ensures accountability and helps MMAD to proactively identify areas of opportunity for Customer and MMAD to collaborate. Also, MMAD will have a Relationship Manager / Client Partner, stationed in Customer location who will serve as an escalation point between Customer and the MMAD offshore team and help make the relationship a success.

MMAD’s management is committed to this relationship with Customer and firmly believes that in the “Power of Partnership” lies the ability to identify more opportunities, increase individual strengths and intensify commitments. Customer will experience a high level of commitment to the relationship by MMAD’s Sr. Management team including our CEO and COO with an involved governance model to work with Customer Sr. Management team.

MMAD has 4 development locations in India, 1 in Bangalore, 1 in Kolkata, 1 in Delhi, 1 in Noida and 1 new facility will be operational shortly from Mumbai. These locations are structured to cover for Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and provide redundancy of operations with regular updates and tests being done for BCP. Based on discussions with Customer, MMAD would create an operation that would provide for redundancy at multiple levels. (Location – Could be Bangalore and Noida, data/source code backup – replication in the Customer location and India).

MMAD has the ability to quickly ramp-up and ramp-down teams on the basis of the visibility provided by regular assessment of job pipeline and milestones assessment. A backup of proportional resources (10% of the actual team size) is held throughout the engagement tenure to achieve ‘just-in-time’ resource requirements keeping in mind the project budget constraints and other nonmonetary constraints applicable to any software development / support project life cycle.

MMAD has a pool of efficient resources with proven track record of technical expertise from which the team is handpicked depending on specific project and client requirements.

To deal with the unplanned workforce scalability, MMAD has maintained efficient recruitment channels through which the teams are scaled to serve any sudden bursts in demand. These channels have well defined processes to function and MMAD has extensive experience in serving quick team ramp-ups for a number of its current clients by leveraging:

· Rich pool of existing employees which are ‘on-bench’ at organization level ready to be deployed on any ongoing/ new project(s)

· Lateral hiring channels

· Sub-contractor channel (used only after prior approval of client)

Service level management is a central function of MMAD IT service offering and is responsible for qualitative control of the services. SLA at MMAD includes both qualitative and quantitative specifications covering both performance and availability of the offered services. It takes into account all factors of service management, which can be measured. Detailed information contained in an SLA is used to measure system values and provides concrete figures for evaluation and subsequent measures.


· Negotiate and agree on service level requirements with business and customers;

· Monitor and report on the actual service level (service level reporting);

· Plan and implement continuous improvements in service levels;

· Coordinate service management and service support functions;

· Conduct service review meetings with customers;

· Implement service improvement programs;

· Monitor the changing requirements of the enterprise and amend the service level agreements accordingly;

· Amend the operation level agreements and the support agreements with external suppliers;

· Prepare and maintain a service catalogue

MMAD’s approaches to reduce overall costs are as below when opted for Offshore Development Center (ODC) or Extended Development Center (EDC):

During Transition time, MMAD intends to

· Maximize offshore presence, and minimize onsite presence

· Process to reduce overlap and redundancies

During Medium to long term, MMAD’s approach would be to focus on

· Rationalization of work

· Automation

· Productivity enhancement (common components/ reusability/ best practices)

· Continuous improvement

MMAD expects Cost advantage delivered would be in the range of 40% to 50% and

· Resource cost is going to be lower

· Operating costs will be same;

· Communication costs will be higher

MMAD does not have any competing with Customers. MMAD will discuss with Customer before engaging with a list of named competitors. We will discuss before engaging any customers on Customer’s products to ensure that we do not cannibalize Customer’s services revenues.

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