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What are the Benefits of Web-Based Applications Over Traditional Applications?

A web-based application is a type of application that uses a website as the interface or front-end. Through this, users can easily access the application from any location if the computer is connected to the internet.

It is different from traditional desktop applications, which are installed on a local computer. For instance, Microsoft Word is a desktop application, whereas Google Docs is also a word-procession application, however, the user performs all the functions with the help of enterprise web app development. Therefore, it can be categorised as the web-based application.

Here are some of the benefits of using enterprise web apps development

  1. Affordable: With the help of enterprise web apps development, users can access the system with the help of a uniform environment, i.e, web browser. You don’t need to develop and test it on various operating system versions and configurations. It makes development and troubleshooting easy and quick.
  2. Accessibility: Unlike traditional applications, enterprise web apps development is easy to access anytime and anywhere by using the computer, provided there is a good internet connection. This allows the user to access the application from anywhere.

It also offers possibilities, like work from home and global teams. Now with the help of enterprise web apps development, the idea of working from a fixed location on a single computer is the thing of the past.

  1. Easy to customise: It is easy to customise enterprise web apps development as compared to desktop applications. It makes it easy to update the look and feel of the application at the time of development. Also, one can customise the information as per the different user groups.
  2. Easy accessibility: In addition to being customised the product as per the user groups, it is feasible to customise the content for use on any device which is connected to the internet, including mobile phones and tablets.
  3. Easy to install and maintain: With enterprise web apps development, installation and maintenance become easy. Once a new or upgrade version is installed on the host servers, all users can easily access it without the need of upgrading the computer of each user individually. It becomes easy to roll out new software as it requires the user to only have updated browsers and plug-ins.
  4. Better interoperability: It is feasible to achieve a high level of interoperability between different web applications than isolated desktops. For instance, it is easy and quick to incorporate different web-based shopping cart systems with a web-based accounting package as compared to using two different proprietary systems.

Due to this, it becomes easy for web-based architecture to quickly integrate different enterprise systems, and thus, it helps in improving work-flow and other business processes.

  1. Easy to adapt as per the workload: In case an application needs more powers to perform tasks, you only require upgrading the server hardware. It is feasible to increase the capacity of the web-based software by clustering or running software on different servers on a simultaneous basis.

If you are interested in knowing how to use web-based applications and which technologies you should use, and how they can benefit your organisation, then please contact us.

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