Top 5 Reasons for using Microsoft Azure IAAS Services

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service that has been created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying and managing different applications and services with the help of globally network data centres of Microsoft.

Microsoft Azure is a viable IaaS service. Under this, Microsoft Azure entirely works like virtual machines. As the client, you can decide how many servers you want to use along with their capacity. With a click, you can make them bigger or smaller. Thanks to technology, it is feasible to make servers shorter at night and more prominent during the daytime. Usually, IaaS customers make payment on a per-usage basis, typically on the basis of the hour or week. However, there are some IaaS providers which also charge on the basis of the virtual machine space which has been used. As a result, it helps in eliminating the expenses of deploying the in-house hardware and software.

When a business is unable to hire the third-party providers, Azure IaaS services can offer the control and scalability. It is gaining momentum and emerging as the cloud infrastructure of choice for many IT professionals, due to the following reasons:

  1. It is closely integrated with other tools of Microsoft: Those organizations which are dependent on Microsoft tools like Outlook, SharePoint and Office 365, it makes sense to invest in a cloud platform that offers hassle-free integration with Microsoft products. These organizations can make use of the similar virtual machines in Azure IaaS services offer users a completely seamless and integrated service.
  2. It is a Microsoft product: Microsoft is one of the most trusted brands in the market. The company’s technology empowers some of the world’s most reliable and used tools like Bing, Skype, etc. For many organsiations, especially, those which are smaller in size, it brings a certain degree of security by deploying Azure IaaS services.
  3. It blends IaaS and PaaS: Azure merges both IaaS (managed) and paas (unmanaged) services. IaaS allows companies to outsource their cloud computing infrastructure and make payment for only what they are using. Similarly, PaaS lets companies to create their own web applications and/ software without purchasing and maintaining any underlying infrastructure. It allows companies to customize their cloud software for meeting their various specifications and requirements. Because Azure is a leading force in both these categories, it becomes easy for companies to build, deploy and manage a huge number of applications.
  4. Azure IaaS service is trustworthy: As Azure IaaS service is backed by Microsoft’s increasing number of global managed data centers along with 24×7 customer support, it is a reliable service to consider.
  5. Azure gives strong business intelligence and analytics support: Azure offers managed SQL and NoSQL data services along with support for digging deeper into data to uncover key insights for improving business processes

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