Partner of Choice

Product Engineering Culture

MMAD has vast experience in working with over 20+ Software Product & Services Companies doing more 60+ releases. MMAD has built in Product Engineering Best Practices within its DNA and has more than 40% of MMAD resources dedicated to Product companies.

Track Record in the IT Domain

MMAD has been involved in delivering a wide spectrum of Information Technology solutions including:

Complete end-to-end IT Product Development

Solution Framework to address leakage issues in IT product engineering including Deterministic Rule Engine and Work Flow.

Business Intelligence for Information Technology

Data analytics and machine learning

Migration and Managed services for Cloud infrastructure engagements

Desktop management and business process management

Continuous improvement of Modern Web, API & Mobile Apps

Industry specific payment solutions

MMAD brings the capability to immediately assign a delivery & engagement management team with specific Information Technology Software Products experience. Thus Customer will have very low investment in the Knowledge Transfer and ramp-up phases providing a competitive advantage to Customer from a time-to-market perspective.

Strong OEM Relationship & Competency

MMAD’s growth plans have been closely drawn & executed over the last four years in sync with OEM’s vision & roadmap for its platforms & products. MMAD continues to invest and grow the proportion of MMAD’s business based on OEM’s platforms and products. MMAD maintains a dedicated Alliance Management team that works closely with OEM’s. MMAD visualizes ample potential to leverage its relationship with OEM ISV teams as well in bringing synergies to our relationship with Customer.

Right Sized Partner (at the right offshore location!)

MMAD is a very stable, half a decade young organization with positive revenues. MMAD is a privately owned company in India.

Customer will find in MMAD, a vibrant partner with energetic employees strength that is projected to grow year-on-year by 100% average. MMAD estimates that EDC customer focus will feature in the Top 10 business relationships (in terms of scale) that MMAD has experienced in its half a decade years of business. The value of Customer’s business is of strategic importance & high value to MMAD being that MMAD is keen on maintaining its mid-market size leadership in the Product Engineering Services business.

MMAD’s product engineering services Stack includes

MMAD brings a proven track record in managing similar scale engagements with other Enterprise Software Companies. Also, MMAD brings the capability to assimilate engineering & process Best Practices such that Customer’s Extended Development Center (EDC) and Outsourcing Development Center (ODC) can benchmark with the top engineering organizations in the world, thereby minimizing the learning curve and fast-forward productivity gains for Customer.

Analysts are in consensus that India continues to be THE destination for US-based Enterprise Software Companies to leverage product-engineering talent. Bangalore and Delhi NCR, India, where MMAD has its Engineering facilities, is the hub of offshore R&D innovation for Enterprise Software Companies. We believe that MMAD will continue to take advantage of its geographical advantage to Customer’s benefit.