Family Welfare

Scheme Monitoring Solution for the Minority Population is to provide them single window of all the schemes and also enable them to get protection under the various Acts, DCRE, Legal, etc. The application will also act as a bridge to pass on important information to this population and register their feedback and queries. Users would be able to view latest schemes for them and apply for same if eligible. They would be able to track their application status and view list of beneficiaries.

Single solution supporting multiple User Persona’s like Minority beneficiaries, Case Officers, District Officers etc. Each User persona is powered by their relevant dashboard and content hence supporting entire process of Scheme monitoring right from application status to approval and disbursement status.


Role based Security & Access Management:
  • Solution supports different type of user personas like – Minority beneficiaries, District Officers, Case Officers.
  • Each user is powered with their respective Dashboard, Contents and Rights.
  • User would be able to login via mobile number and password
E-Complaint/ Public grievance
  • Citizen can file a complaint in case of
  • Citizen will get a complaint tracking number as SMS
  • This number can be used for future reference.
SOS – Emergency Help:
  • Emergency Notification
  • Facility to call the emergency contacts from the App.
  • Police Station
  • 24 * 7 Customer Support Team
Multilingual Support:
  • The solution will be supported in English language & the local language.
Success story
  • Citizen would have access the success story of other published from control panel. People can take inspiration and connect to respective department for guidance and help to implement the same.
Content Management System (CMS)
  • Data of Social Welfare Schemes
  • Photos, Ads, News
  • Success story
  • Grievance address and reply
  • SC/ST Acts and Government orders (documents)
  • Dedicated helpline
  • Contact information of head of the department etc
Social Welfare Schemes
  • Citizen would have access to various social welfare schemes launched by State Govt.
  • Citizen would be able to go through the scheme detail and eligibility criteria
  • Citizen would be able to apply to avail the benefit of the scheme through app. This would trigger the SMS notification as acknowledgement.
  • Citizen would be able to track the status of his request from dashboard.
SC/ST Acts and Government Orders/Circulars
  • Citizen would have access to view Acts and GOs/Circulars.
Push Notification
  • Notification in APP on every Major event/new schemes
Photo Gallery:
  • Citizen would have access to photos of various events, campaigns, social schemes organized with respect to a specific taluk/ panchayat published from Control Panel.
  • News, initiatives, schemes, happenings in the taluk/ panchayat published from Control Panel will be available for the citizen in the app. Citizen can like/ comment on the article
Data digitization and migration
  • All existing data are being digitized and migrated for easy access from mobile app.

To manage all mobile application contents, separate user friendly content management system (CMS) tool has been built.
Admin User would be able to create, update, publish/unpublished and delete the following data-

MIS Dashboard
  • Authorized internal user would have access to Dashboard to monitor Grievance address and reply
Beneficiary List
  • List of beneficiary in particular financial year from different taluk/districts

Scheme Monitoring Solution built with following benefits

  • The information of various welfare schemes of Social Welfare Department (SWD) is available to the concerned people in an easy and efficient manner.
  • The concerned people who can avail of this would be able to apply and utilize the scheme as effortlessly as possible and track their entitlements.
  • Fast and effective communication across all stakeholders, improve response time for end users questions and answers
  • By using Mobile app, user can contact concerned authority directly, post grievances and seek more information.
  • This should be a one stop support system to other Govt services like police, Hostels, resident schools, training center etc.
  • Reduce turnaround time of processes and availability of ready to use information due to digitization of data
  • Low dependence on paper work