MMAD thanks Customers inviting us to participate in the Outsourcing Partner selection process. The MMAD team consisting of Information Technology domain experts, Architecture & Technology experts, Practice & Relationship managers will be participated in the multi-level deep dive sessions conducted with the Customer teams.  

MMAD conducts workshops with Chief Tactical Officer and all other Senior Executives at Customer for seeking their time to collect the information for us on their respective products/ solutions/ operations, their potential plans, challenges & partnering expectations. 

Typical Customer’s Objectives  

Based on discussions that we had with several Customer’s teams in the past, we understand that Customer’s objectives in selecting an outsourcing Partner are: 

  1. Harnessing the growth potential that Customer has in its market, by leveraging the Partner’s scalable Product Engineering expertise, Information Technology solutions delivery competency and proven technical & architectural capability with OEM platforms/ products, 
  1. Decoupling Customer’s revenue growth from linear resource growth by jointly working with a reliable Partner that has the confidence (backed by track record) to recommend & execute on radical process changes,  
  1. Competing successfully in the market and creating value for Customer’s customers by optimizing the onsite / offshore engineering talent mix across product lines & shared services as well as improving operational economy through process efficiencies, 
  1. Drawing upon the Partner’s ability to assimilate Product Development & QA best practices within the Customer organization along with the agility to build the next generation of the Information Technology Decisions suite, and 
  1. Creating an offshore Engineering Center that would serve as a seamless extension to Customer’s distributed engineering organizations and respective Product group owners/ drivers at locations across the Globe. 

Critical Success Factors 

MMAD believes that the Critical Success factors for such an engagement are as follows: 

  • True partnering capabilities 
  • Domain capability 
  • Delivery model, Program management and Governance 
  • Knowledge management  
  • Transition plan 
  • Strong HR culture and process 
  • Valid technology capability 
  • Proven process maturity 
  • Management commitment 
  • Responsiveness and flexibility 

MMAD, with its strong focus on offering services to the Product & Services Companies, believes that we are well placed to meet the challenges and requirements of Customers in any Vertical. MMAD has a strong understanding of the business needs, technological expertise, processes and the people to execute any requirement of Customer.  

MMAD Vision on Extended Development Center 

MMAD believes that for the success of Customer’s outsourcing initiative the Extended Development Center needs be: 

  1. Complemented by MMAD’s proven governance model & onsite/local engagement bandwidth that has delivered results for outsourced product development initiatives of similar scale and ambition. 
  1. Supported by an ecosystem of enabling groups that MMAD has invested in, specifically for its Enterprise Software clients.  



The above ecosystem envisioned for Customer’s Extended Development Center consists of:  

  1. Core Research Group (CRG) for continuous assimilation of emerging technologies & best practices. 
  1. Technology Architecture Group (TAG) for Architectural Guidance and Validation. 
  1. Education & Training (E&T): A dedicated team of professional technology trainers that are MMAD FTEs plan and manage a rigorous curriculum to foster a culture & discipline of continuous learning & professional competency development for engineering resources that are part of Customer’s Extended Development Center. 
  1. QA: Leveraging MMAD’s SEI CMM Level 3 processes and industry benchmarking for independent audit and validation of processes established and for Customer’s Extended Development Center. 
  1. OEM Alliance Team: MMAD’s OEM Alliance  teams work closely with OEM’s products teams and leverage bleeding edge competencies through Early Adopter Programs (EAP) and Technology Adoption Programs (TAP). 
  1. Other supporting organizations such as Project Office, Human Resources (HR) and Legal / Accounts. 


MMAD EDC Solution Approach  

MMAD proposes Customers a phased approach to set up Customer – Extended Development Center (EDC) at MMAD.  


Phase I: Initiation (Approximate duration 3 Months)    

MMAD – EDC team will have its team at offshore and onsite (if required). The team will acquire knowledge in the respective area of engagement. The team will primarily focus doing tasks of maintenance and testing activities.  


Phase II: Enrichment & Rationalization (Approximate duration 3 Months)    

In this phase, the team will start direct contribution towards enriching the product and services, gaining excellence in the respective areas. The team will be in a position to provide product enhancements, maintenance, test service independently. In this phase Customer will find significant resources available for redeployment. 


Phase III: Optimization (Approximate duration 3 Months)    

MMAD Team forms a Center of Excellence of Customer product lines in the respective area of engagement capable of providing customer implementation services in addition to the development, maintenance, support and testing services.  


Phase IV: Maturity State (On going) 

MMAD EDC will be operational with continuous improvements and realization of increased productivity and reduce cost. 


We believe we can realize Operational efficiency as shown below based on our track record.  


Once the team has reached a mature state, the overall size of the combined team will be at fixed size. The reduction in team size will be through process improvement and team rationalization achieved through cross product skills. The significant work will be performed out of EDC location. This will help in achieving higher Revenue/Employee.