Do You Know The Importance Of Using Open Source Technologies In Web Development?

There are two methods of web development— closed source web development and open web development. While the closed source is accessible to only private users only, open source is distributed under a licensing agreement, and the source code is open to the public.

Open source web development is quite popular due to the transparency and freedom which it gives to the developer. Open source technologies enjoy high importance in web development due to the following benefits that they offer:

  1. Cost: One of the noticeable benefits of using open source web apps development is that it is less costly as compared to closed source software. And who doesn’t want to save money? However, while using open source, there are various other costs, like annual licensing fee, plug-in charge, virus protection charges, etc; which you should consider.
  2. Security: You may suspect that as open source is accessible to a myriad of developers, it is less secure as compared to the closed source code, which is limited to a few people only. However, it is not true. Because closed source software is visible only to a selected group of developers, it may be difficult to track errors. As a result, it can take months to fix vulnerabilities. However, one of the major benefits of the open source technology is that it is feasible to counter virus attack as soon as they infect the software. 

It means, the open code makes it easy to work on the software to fix issues if any. Developers can use and test the software as soon as possible, and the technology allows a change as soon as the virus is detected.

It’s similar to editing a copy—if you have enough people to edit your content; there are fewer changes of grammatical errors. Even if there are errors, it is easy to fix them in a short span of time. When it comes to open source web apps development, as a greater number of developers are scrutinising the code, there are a few chances of errors.

  1. Boost quality: With the help of open source technologies, developers can use their technical expertise on software. It ensures constant quality addition to it. Further, with each upgrade, the software becomes more valuable in the market. As a result, it increases the longevity of the software as well. More ideas and ability to merge innovations make software more like what a customer is looking for. It tends to be more user-friendly. It is for people by people! If you are a businessman, then this concept should appeal you. It’s your job to establish as many connections as possible between yourself and the brand. With open source web apps development, it is feasible to do so and thus; you can make strong connections with your potential buyers.
  2. Customisation: Since alterations made to open source technology can be kept private, it is feasible to customise the software as per your needs. This feature makes it appealing to users who no longer need to install new software to make every new change.


An open source web apps development attracts talented and bright developers. As new features are updated to the software on a regular basis, developers are inclined towards upgrading the software and using its distinct features. This is both easy and convenient for users.

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