payment gateway aggregator

What to consider while choosing payment gateway for your business?

The modus operandi of every business is different. Some are purely online; while others have physical stores and also provide an Omnichannel shopping experience to their customers. While some businesses have a small number of transactions on a monthly basis, whilst the others have thousands of transactions; It is, therefore, essential for every business to carefully understand all the requirements for their operations and then assess the variety of payment gateways to understand their features before choosing the one. Here are the factors that should be considered while looking for a payment gateway aggregator: Types of Payment In the current.
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white label wallet app development

Why should you go for white label wallet app development for your app based cab services?

A white label solution points towards an application which is a product or service fully created and supported by one company but sold by another company. In this case, the latter company buys the white label product or services without any kind of branding. It means the customer would be associated with the product from the Reseller. However, it will happen only after the reseller uses its logo on the product and rebrands it. The choice is to pick between the customised solution and the White Label Solution. Here, the White Label Solution is affordable, and there are various reasons.
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What Is White Label Payment Gateway and How It’s Different from Traditional Payment Solutions?

A white-label payment gateway is a payment gateway method which allows a company to provide payment processing services under its name. In other words, in white label payment gateway solution, the company uses its own ‘label’ on top of the white label or blank label. This is from where white label payment gateway has come. With the help of white-label payment gateway solutions, companies can improve their image and reputation in the eyes of their clients. It not only includes clients but card members and merchants as well. As per white-label payment gateway, companies can put their brand name on.
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