Xamarin mobile app development

Benefits of Using Xamarin Mobile App Development

Irrespective of what the size of the enterprise is, all are embracing the mobile-only strategy which has augmented the requirement of mobile development services by multiple times. Traditionally, mobile application development was carried out on three platforms, which were Android, iOS and Windows. However, there was an issue which was posted by native mobile app development for enterprises. Building same applications on different platforms for varied purposes was daunting. It was not only economically difficult but also had some operational issues. It gives rise to the need of the cross-platform mobile app development. Xamarin is one of the front-running cross-platform.
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web apps development

What are the Benefits of Web-Based Applications Over Traditional Applications?

A web-based application is a type of application that uses a website as the interface or front-end. Through this, users can easily access the application from any location if the computer is connected to the internet. It is different from traditional desktop applications, which are installed on a local computer. For instance, Microsoft Word is a desktop application, whereas Google Docs is also a word-procession application, however, the user performs all the functions with the help of enterprise web app development. Therefore, it can be categorised as the web-based application. Here are some of the benefits of using enterprise web.
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Hybrid mobile apps

Native Vs. Hybrid Mobile App: Key Points to Note

You might be interested in developing a mobile application. However, you are confused how to go for it or from where to start due to the availability of various technologies. Which one should you pick – a native app or a hybrid mobile app development? Let’s try to find the answer. What is Native Mobile Application? A native mobile application is a smartphone program which has been specifically created for using with a particular platform or device like Android, iOS, and so on. Further, such types of apps are encoded in a particular programming language, like Java for Android operating.
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