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Benefits of Using Xamarin Mobile App Development

Irrespective of what the size of the enterprise is, all are embracing the mobile-only strategy which has augmented the requirement of mobile development services by multiple times.

Traditionally, mobile application development was carried out on three platforms, which were Android, iOS and Windows. However, there was an issue which was posted by native mobile app development for enterprises.

Building same applications on different platforms for varied purposes was daunting. It was not only economically difficult but also had some operational issues.

It gives rise to the need of the cross-platform mobile app development. Xamarin is one of the front-running cross-platform application development framework. It provides businesses with various advantages including reusable code base, affordability, and reusable code and among others.

There are several benefits of using the Xamarin mobile app development. Here are the main reasons:

  1. Pure native application experience

Even though you have installed WhatsApp on your iOS phone, its functioning will be different that of Android or Windows phone. Although they work in the same manner, the UX in each of the platform is different.

With the help of Xamarin, it is easy to build applications by using a single code base that gives exact native application experience irrespective of the platforms you opt for.

  1. Advantages of C#

C# is a sophisticated and general purpose programming language, which is usually designed for Windows platform. It is object-oriented and allows even the basic data types to be considered as objects. C# lets you avoid typo errors that can otherwise result in huge losses.

  1. Reusable Code

In case of Xamarin mobile app development, there is only a single code base. It means, there is no need to fish out different codes for various application platforms. All you would require is to create only a single application base that you can use across Windows, iOS, Android or other platforms.

  1. Native API access

In case of cross-platform mobile application development, Xamarin mobile app development gives developers complete access to native APIs in Android, iOS and various other platforms. The APIs not only save time and effort of developers but it also helps in launching the application in the market.

It acts as an apt choice for those who are interested in building multiple applications on different OS for different brands or for various reasons.

  1. Affordability

Writing different codes for native application building on multiple platforms is not an easy task. It may consume too many hours without giving the result.

However, with the help of Xamarin mobile app development, the cost to develop multiple applications on multiple platforms is low. It is feasible to use the same code for the creation of different applications.


Xamarin mobile app development has enjoyed immense popularity over the years due to the various benefits which it gives. It is an indispensable platform that gives maximum benefit for building native mobile applications development at easy rates.

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