Hybrid mobile apps

Native Vs. Hybrid Mobile App: Key Points to Note

You might be interested in developing a mobile application. However, you are confused how to go for it or from where to start due to the availability of various technologies. Which one should you pick – a native app or a hybrid mobile app development? Let’s try to find the answer. What is Native Mobile Application? A native mobile application is a smartphone program which has been specifically created for using with a particular platform or device like Android, iOS, and so on. Further, such types of apps are encoded in a particular programming language, like Java for Android operating.
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Do You Know The Importance Of Using Open Source Technologies In Web Development?

There are two methods of web development— closed source web development and open web development. While the closed source is accessible to only private users only, open source is distributed under a licensing agreement, and the source code is open to the public. Open source web development is quite popular due to the transparency and freedom which it gives to the developer. Open source technologies enjoy high importance in web development due to the following benefits that they offer: Cost: One of the noticeable benefits of using open source web apps development is that it is less costly as compared.
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Cloud Coumputing

The Top 7 Reasons to Use Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing has created a buzz in the business world today because of its fantastic benefits. As per experts, cloud computing services let a company saves enough time to concentrate on its core functions. Here are top 7 reasons to use cloud computing services: Access from anywhere: Being able to do business without restriction is a great benefit of cloud computing services. With cloud consulting services, you get access to corporate data via mobile phones. Authorised users can access application and data from anywhere in the world, provided there is internet As the number of smartphone users is expected to.
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